BullGuard Mobile Security


Block unwanted messages

The Spamfilter is a welcome addition to the Mobile Security suite, allowing you to block unwanted messages or phone numbers from spamming your device. It provides access to blacklists where you can enter  phone numbers you want blocked.


Adding numbers to the Spamfilter’s blacklist is easy and doesn’t take long. You only have to tap the Menu button, choose Add Contact or Add Number and edit what you want to block for the selected number (calls, messages or both).

Add Contact: opens the phone’s Contact list, enabling you to choose a number to add to the list.

Add Number: opens the Spamfilter Guide to add a number and choose what you wish to block for that number.

Delete Selected: will delete the selected item from the Spamfilter list.

Edit Selected: allows you to edit the selected item from the Spamfilter list.

Settings: allows you to enable/disable the Spamfilter module and to change the status for several options. Click on the Save button to enable any new settings change.

Enable SMS/Call blocking: allows you to turn the Spamfilter on or off.

Enable Shortcode Blocking: enables the Spamfilter to block messages from phone numbers with 4 or less digits.

Prompt to Block Ignored Callers: allows BullGuard to ask you whether to block calls you have ignored.

Spam Log: allows you to review the list of calls and messages blocked by the Spamfilter.

Adding items to the Blacklist

All blocked items as a result of the Blacklist are automatically listed in the Calls and Messages tab from the Spamfilter. To browse between the Spamfilter tabs, use left and right from the directional button on your mobile phone.

Description: enter a description for the phone number.

Phone number: enter the phone number.

Block Calls: allows BullGuard to automatically reject any calls to and from that number.

Block SMS Messages: enables the Spamfilter to prevent messages to and from that number from reaching your message Inbox.

Save: will apply the changes for that number in the Spamfilter list.

Cancel: will discard the changes and return you to the Spamfilter screen.