BullGuard Mobile Security

Application Overview

About BullGuard Mobile Security.



Once you have registered the application, you will have access to all plug-ins straight from the main screen. The interface is straight forward and simple to use providing instant access to Spamfilter, Antivirus, Firewall, Basic Backup and Parental Control modules.

Antivirus: opens the module allowing you to scan your device or the attached memory card.

Firewall: opens the module’s main screen from where you can setup your Firewall allowing or blocking connections and IPs.

Spamfilter: provides easy access to the module’s Blacklist, Calls and Messages tabs.

Parental Control: provides a summary of the module’s settings. To change or edit the options, you will need to login to your web-based Dashboard (online account management platform) where you can set up Parental Control and Antitheft options.

Basic Backup: provides fast access to the backup and restore features.

Exit: closes the BullGuard interface and returns you to the previous screen.

BullGuard Menu

This menu provides additional options such as account information, application updates or synchronization with the customer Dashboard.

Account Info: shows the account’s expiration date.

Support Info: provides information about the installed BullGuard version, device and operating system. These details can be used for troubleshooting issues with your device or with BullGuard Mobile Security.

Help: opens BullGuard’s help files providing information on modules and their features.

About: displays the installed BullGuard Mobile Security version number.

Check for updates: checks for either application updates or for settings updates synchronizing the BullGuard with any changes made by users to the consumer Dashboard.

Settings and Data: will synchronize the settings with the Dashboard options for any modifications made by you; this option will mainly synchronize the changes made on the Dashboard regarding the Parental Control module.

Application upgrade: will look for any available application updates (either module improvements, bug fixes or patches).

Registration: opens the registration screen and it is only needed when first starting BullGuard to create Mobile Security account.

Application settings: allows you to set the update schedule and specify how often the device should look for either application or settings updates. The update interval ranges from hourly checks to daily, weekly or monthly. If you are not regularly connected to a hotspot with Internet access or you are roaming and don’t wish for extra traffic, you can update the device manually by selecting Never for update period.