BullGuard Mobile Security


Antivirus for smart phones

Security issues surrounding smartphones is a growing concern. Some reports suggest that the number of spyware and malware programs detected on such handhelds has more than tripled in the last year, and are exponentially rising. A large reason for this is that many of the types of threats that would typically target a computer are easily adapted to target smartphones.

These might involve spyware that could report sensitive information such as text messages, contacts, voice communications and GPS co-ordinates back to a third party without the user’s knowledge. Worse, some malware attacks work in the form of auto-dialers that call premium rate numbers, potentially incurring huge fees.

When you consider the amount of personal data that would typically be stored on a mobile phone in comparison to a home computer, it’s not hard to imagine how dangerous it could be if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

This is why we have redesigned our previous Mobile Antivirus product into a full security suite BullGuard Mobile Security provides comprehensive protection by including both an Antivirus engine, Backup module, Parental Control and Antitheft features.

The BullGuard Antivirus engine allows you to scan for infected files, spyware applications and to schedule regular scans. With frequent updates and periodic scan tasks, the Antivirus is the first line of defence when it comes to keeping your mobile environment safe and virus free.

Antivirus Options

This section allows you to check event and scan logs or to enable and disable the real-time monitor.

Full scan: scans the entire device for infections. The scan time will depend on how much data is present on the phone and on the attached memory card.

Custom Scan: allows you to choose folders to scan for infections. The scan time will depend on the size of the selected folder.

Update Now: connects to the BullGuard servers and searches for available virus definition updates. Please allow the process to finish. A notification message will appear when the update is done.

Last Updated: shows when the last update was performed.

Last Scanned: shows when the last scan task completed successfully.
Monitor Status: shows whether the real-time file monitor is enabled. You can start or disable it from the Settings screen in the Antivirus Menu.

Back: takes you back to the Mobile Security module overview screen.

Menu: provides access to the Antivirus Quarantine, log files and Settings sections.

Antivirus Menu

This section allows you check Antivirus logs for previous scan tasks, virus lists BullGuard protects your device against, manage the Quarantine files and to enable or disable the real-time file monitor feature.

Logs: provides you with access to the Antivirus log file and to the detected virus list. Scan Log stores the viruses detected by the real-time monitor and during on demand scan tasks. Virus Log provides access to the currently known malware types.

Scan Log: lets you inspect the previous scan tasks and detected possible threats. This activity log stores information supplied by both the on-demand scan tasks and the real-time monitor feature. Click Close to return to the previous screen or Clear Log to delete the events listed.

You can click on any of the events in the Logs list for more details. This list gathers information from both scan tasks and real-time monitor. A pop-up message will appear detailing the event selected and show the specific task, the infected original file path or the action taken by the Antivirus.

Virus Log: displays the list of infections detected by the BullGuard Antivirus module. Click on Done to return to the Antivirus main screen.

Settings: allows you to enable or disable the Antivirus real-time file monitor feature which will actively stop viruses from infecting your computer. It also has the added benefit of scanning memory cards when they’re inserted in the device.

AV status: click on the drop-down menu to enable or disable the real-time file monitor.

Scan memory cards on insert: enables the Antivirus engine to scan any memory card as soon as it is inserted in the device. The scan time depends on the amount of information present on the card.

Save: preserves the changes made to the Antivirus Settings.

Cancel: discards any change and return you to the Antivirus main screen.

Scanning your device with BullGuard Mobile Security

Once BullGuard is registered and running on your device, you can start scanning your phone for malware to make sure your phone is clean Mobile Security allows you to scan the entire phone, specific folders and to setup scheduled device scans.

For the best scan results we recommend that you keep the Antivirus module up-to-date. Once you in the Antivirus plug-in, select the Update now option.

Please allow the update task to complete. As soon as it’s done, a notification message will let you know the virus signature files have been updated.

Full scan

Full Scan allows you to scan the entire phone checking for possible infections or malware. Select and run the Full scan to start it and you’ll be able to monitor the scan progress. The scan window has 2 counters – one for the amount of files reviewed by the Antivirus engine and one for how many infected files were detected.

As soon as the scan completes, BullGuard will let you know whether it detected any infected files on your computer. If the scan is clean, a small prompt will appear and you just need to click on Ok to close it.

If infections were detected on the device, BullGuard will let you know and allow you to review the items found during the scan or to close the info message. Infections are moved to the Quarantine during the scan.

Click OK to return the scan window. There you can use the Viruses button to review the infected files that were moved to the Quarantine folder.

Custom scans

This option allows you to select what the Antivirus module will scan from your device. When you select the Custom scan option, you can browse to a specific folder and have BullGuard scan it. Also, you can use this feature to only scan memory cards. Click Scan to have BullGuard check the selected folder or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

Quarantine List
This section lists all viruses found by the Antivirus engine, either through on demand scan tasks or by the real-time file monitor feature. All discovered infections are automatically sent to the Quarantine folder and deleted from their original location, thus rendering them harmless. Once in the Quarantine folder, users can decide what to do with them – either deleting them or restoring false-positive detection cases.

Menu: allows you to delete or restore the selected files from the Quarantine folder. It also provides a summary for the restore files or removed applications.

Done: returns you to the Antivirus section.