BullGuard Mobile Security


Block unwanted messages

The Spamfilter is a welcome addition to the Mobile Security suite allowing you to block unwanted messages or phone numbers from spamming your device. It provides access to blacklists where you can enter the phone numbers you want blocked.


Phone numbers can be added in the Blacklist tab thus blocking incoming calls, SMS messages or both. Open either list and add the numbers you wish to block. To add items to either list, select it from the below screen and open it.

Server Block All: numbers placed in this list will be blocked from both calling you and sending you messages..

Server Block Call
: numbers in this list will be prevented from calling you.

Server Block SMS
: numbers in this list will be prevented from sending you text messages.

Click on the Options button for more actions and information regarding the Blacklist.

Select: opens the currently selected blacklist.

: allows you to change the currently selected blacklist’s properties (name and what items to block – calls or SMS messages).

Create a New
List: creates a new blacklist and lets you choose a name and configure which actions will be taken against the numbers on the list.

Delete List
: deletes the currently selected list and the items attached to it.

: displays the Help topics for the Spamfilter module.

: lets you choose whether to block phone numbers with 4 or less digits.

Blacklist Logs

All blocked items as a result of the Blacklist are automatically listed in the Calls and Messages tab from the Spamfilter. To browse between the Spamfilter tabs, use left and right from the directional button on your mobile phone.

Click on the Options button if you wish to empty the logs or view details about the blocked items.

Adding items to the Blacklist

To add phone numbers in either list open it and click on the Options button. You can add numbers, contacts and manage the list items.

Add number: allows you to enter any phone number in the Blacklist.

Add Contact
: opens your phone’s contacts list and you can choose which number to block from there.

: allows you to edit any of the items in the Blacklist.

: removes the item from the Blacklist.

: returns you to the previous screen.