BullGuard Mobile Security

Application Overview

About BullGuard Mobile Security.

Security issues surrounding smartphones is a growing concern. Some reports suggest that the number of spyware and malware programs detected on such handhelds has more than tripled in the last year, and are exponentially rising. A large reason for this is that many of the types of threats that would typically target a computer are easily adapted to target smartphones.
These might involve spyware that could report sensitive information such as text messages, contacts, voice communications and GPS co-ordinates back to a third party without the user’s knowledge. Worse, some malware attacks work in the form of auto-dialers that call premium rate numbers, potentially incurring huge fees.
When you consider the amount of personal data that would typically be stored on a mobile phone in comparison to a home computer, it’s not hard to imagine how dangerous it could be if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

This is why we have redesigned our previous Mobile Antivirus product into a full security suite BullGuard Mobile Security provides comprehensive protection by including both an Antivirus engine, Backup module, Parental Control and Antitheft features.


Once you have registered the application, you will have access to all plug-ins straight from the main screen. The interface is straight forward and simple to use providing instant access to Antivirus, Backup and Parental Control modules.

Spamfilter: provides easy access to the module’s Blacklist, Calls and Messages tabs.

: opens the module allowing you to scan your device or the attached memory card.

: opens the module’s main screen from where you can setup your Firewall allowing or blocking connections and IPs.

Parental Control
: provides a summary of the module’s settings. To change or edit the options, you will need to login to your web-based Dashboard (online account management platform) where you can set up Parental Control and Antitheft options.

Basic Backup
: provides fast access to the backup and restore features.

: closes the BullGuard interface and returns you to the previous screen.

Options menu

This menu provides additional options such as module start-up configuration, account information, application updates or synchronization with the customer Dashboard.

Switch to application: opens the selected BullGuard Mobile module

: allows you to configure how update interval, module start-up type or access points.

AutoLaunch Antivirus and AutoLaunch Spamfilter options: allow you to choose whether either or both modules will start when the phone is turned on and the Symbian operating system starts up. You can select either option and choose between the On and Off options.

Auto-Save Access Point
: allows you to configure an access point through which BullGuard will connect to the Internet each time it needs to update or synchronize with the consumer Dashboard. If you don’t define a default access point, you will be asked to choose a connection access point each time the application starts.

Once you enable auto-saving the access points, you can choose your preferred one by opening the Access Points item and choose from the lists of available connections.

Update Period: allows you to choose the time interval during which application and settings updates will be performed. You can opt from hourly updates to daily, weekly, monthly or manual updates.

Allow data while roaming: you can enable or disable BullGuard’s data transfers when in roaming mode.

Account Info: displays information about your BullGuard Mobile subscription.

Username: shows the e-mail address currently associated with the BullGuard Mobile Security application.

: shows the phone IMEI (identification number) currently associated with the BullGuard user account.

expiration: shows the current account’s expiration date.

Connection method
: displays the current connection in use by the BullGuard program.

: shows the phone model.

: shows the version number of the running operating system.

Update settings: synchronizes the BullGuard mobile settings to match your account and your Dashboard enabled features or options.
Update Application: when used, it will connect to our servers looking for any available BullGuard Mobile modules updates.