BullGuard Mobile Security


Block unwanted messages

BullGuard Mobile Security suite includes a Firewall engine that will protect your device against unwanted intrusions or network traffic. This feature is designed for users connected to access points most of the time, as it greatly reduces the risks created by working in public environments.


The Firewall is split into 3 tabs, Security Level, Rule List and Activity Logs. The Security Level tab allows you to configure how the Firewall interacts with the network traffic.

Low Security: all traffic is allowed except for the restrictions based on the Firewall Rules.

High Security
: all traffic is blocked except for the allowed ports or IPs mentioned in Rules List.

Firewall Off
: disables the Firewall traffic filtering feature.

Firewall Rules

You can specify the BullGuard Firewall what kind of traffic to allow or block based on strict rules through which you can block IP addresses or Ports. To add a new rule and to edit, delete or duplicate existing ones, click on the Options button to manage your Firewall’s Rules List.

Add IP/Port Rule: creates an empty rule where you can edit the actions and details to manage the traffic on your device.

Edit Rule
: allows you to edit the currently selected Firewall rules.

: allows you to delete the currently selected rules.

Duplicate Rule
: allows you to create a copy of the selected rules.

Save Changes
: save all newly created rules and ay modifications made to existing rules.

Discard Changes: cancels all changes made to the Firewall rules and deletes any newly created Rules that haven’t been saved.

Adding Firewall Rules

As soon as you click on the Add IP/Port Rule option, an empty rule template is created and you can customize it to fit your security level. Once you are finished setting up or editing a specific rule, press the Done button.

Rule Description: allows you to choose a name for the newly created rule.

IP Choices
: allows you to select the IP or IPs the rule applies to; open the IP Choices item to choose between Single IP Address, IP address Range or All IP Addresses.

Single IP Address: the rule applies only to the specified IP.

IP Address Range
: the rule applies only to the IPs included in the defined IP range (192.168.0.* - the rule applies to all IPs starting with to

All IP Addresses
: the rule affects all IP addresses.

IP address
: show the defined IP or the IPs the rule applies to.

Single Port/Range
: allows you to choose how the rule is applied regarding communication ports on your device. You can choose between a single port, a range and all ports.

Single Port: the rule i applied to the specified port number.

Port Range
: the rule is applied to all ports included in the specified range.

All Ports
: the rule is applied indiscriminately to all active ports on the device.

Port Start
and Port End: if the rule is applied to a port range, you can define the start and end numbers to include ports. The start and end numbers must be values between 1 and 65535.

: allows you to choose whether you want the rule to block or allow the traffic.

: allows you to enable or disable specific rules. This feature is helpful if you wish to configure rules for specific access points making the BullGuard highly flexible and customizable depending on the preferred network environments. If you disable or enable a rule, make sure you save the changes prior to exiting the Firewall module.

Activity Log

The Activity Log tab preserves changes made to the Firewall and blocked traffic to and from your device so you can review any changes or events. Press Clear to empty the log file or Exit to return to the BullGuard main module screen.