BullGuard Mobile Security


Antivirus for smart phones

The BullGuard Antivirus engine allows you to scan for infected files, spyware applications and to schedule regular scans. With frequent updates and periodic scan tasks, the Antivirus is the first line of defence when it comes to keeping your mobile environment safe and virus free.


Antivirus Options

This section allows you to check event and scan logs or to enable and disable the real-time monitor.

Settings: allows you to enable or disable the real-time monitor.

Logs: provides you with access to the Quarantine and to the Antivirus log files. Event Log stores the viruses detected by the real-time monitor and Virus Log stores the ones detected by the on-demand scan tasks. Virus List provides access to the currently known Symbian malware types.

Help: opens the Antivirus help section.

Back: returns you to the previous screen.

Scanning your device with BullGuard Mobile Security

Once BullGuard is registered and running on your device, you can start scanning your phone for malware to make sure your phone is clean. Mobile Security allows you to scan the entire phone, specific folders and to setup scheduled device scans.

For the best scan results we recommend that you keep the Antivirus module up-to-date. Once you in the Antivirus plug-in, select the Update now option.

You may be asked to select an access point for the phone to connect to the Internet. Select your usual Internet connection to allow BullGuard to receive updates and to download the latest virus definitions.

After selecting the connection, BullGuard will update the definition files and you’ll be able to start scanning your device. Click on the OK button once the update is finished.

Full scan

Full Scan allows you to scan the entire phone checking for possible infections or malware. Select and run the Full scan to start it. A new window that will show you the scanned items will appear on your screen.

As soon as the scan completes, BullGuard will let you know whether it detected any infected files on your computer. If the scan is clean, a small prompt will appear and you just need to click on Ok to close it.

If infections were detected on the device, BullGuard will let you know and allow you to review the items found during the scan or to close the info message. Infections are moved to Quarantine during the scan.

Click Yes to view the infections found or No to return to the Antivirus main screen.

Custom scans

This option allows you to select what the Antivirus module will scan from your device. You can choose between scanning the entire device, your internal phone’s drive or storage card. Any detected infection will be moved to Quarantine, and you can delete the infected files from there.

Full System: will scan the entire phone and storage card.

Scan Internal Drive: will only scan the phone’s internal memory.

Storage card: will scan the storage card (if present).

OK: press OK to start the scan for the selected option.

Cancel: will return you to the previous screen.


This section will list all infected files detected by the Antivirus engine and allows you  to physically remove the files from their devices. It will also provide information on the files’ original locations and the detected virus name.


Click on Options for more detailed actions or to remove the files from the phone.

View entry: shows the original file path of the infected file.

Delete: deletes the selected file.

Restore: in case of a false positive, it will restore the file to its original location.

Clear log: clear the entire items in the Quarantine list.

Close: takes you to the previous screen.