BullGuard Mobile Security


Step by step guide on how to install BullGuard Mobile Security.

Installing BullGuard is simple and only takes a few moments. However, you should note that the Mobile Security needs a working Internet connection and will run on Blackberry 4.2 and higher.


Step 1

As soon as the download completes, BullGuard will be installed on your Blackberry.

When installing any kind of application, the RIM operating system is designed to ask you whether you want to allow BullGuard to access to specific resources or allow it to perform specific tasks. Select View to setup permissions for the Mobile Security application.

Step 2

At the next screen you can review the permissions for BullGuard before proceeding with the installation process. To continue after editing the permission settings and device resource access, press the Menu button and choose the Save option.

This screen concludes the BullGuard Mobile Security installation process and the next step is to register your BullGuard copy.

Step 3

Once BullGuard is installed, the application will be started and you will be taken to the registration process. To continue registering BullGuard and use it on your device, you will need to agree to the BullGuard Mobile Security EULA (End User License Agreement) explaining terms and conditions to using the application and the rights and responsibilities both you and BullGuard Ltd. have.

Press the Menu button on your device and choose I Agree to continue or I do NOT agree to cancel it and close BullGuard.

Proceed to the account Registration guide.