BullGuard Mobile Security


Backup your data

BullGuard’s Mobile Security suite allows you to backup sensitive information to our  secured servers allowing you to restore it as needed. Backing up your critical data is a simple process and will save your contacts, calendar, agenda items and e-mails.


Step 1

Open the Mobile Security application and at the main screen open the Basic Backup item.

Step 2

Once in the Backup plug-in, press the phone’s Menu button and choose the Backup Data option. BullGuard will gather your data (Contacts, Calendar entries or Appointments and e-mail addresses) and will upload it through a secure connection to our servers.

Step 3

Depending on the amount of data to backup and the Internet connection you’re using, the process might take a while to complete. To ensure all essential data is backed up properly and nothing is lost, make sure you don’t turn off your phone or accidentally cancel the process.

A notification pop-up will let you know when the process is finished and your information backed up safely on our servers.

Restore your data

While backing up your information is simple and straightforward, Restoring previously backed up data is centred on securing your critical information preventing unauthorized access to it. This is why each time you wish to restore your data, you will need to login on your account dashboard. Here, you will be asked for a security token that will validate your backed up information download. Without that token, it will be impossible to restore and access any backed up information.

Step 1

To request your backup token, you need to login (use your BullGuard Mobile account details) on your Dashboard account at https://mobile-security.bullguard.com/smobile/dashboard/login.htm. After logging in, click on the Backup & Restore button.

Step 2

A new pop-up message will open where you need to click on the Restore option. You will receive both and e-mail and an SMS with the token for initiating the data restore process.

Step 3

Once you have received your token, open the Mobile Security application and, in the Basic Backup module, press the phone’s Menu button and choose the Restore data option. A pop-up dialogue will ask you for the security token. Click Ok to continue with the restore action or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

The security token is a 9 digits string which is valid for only 2 hours. Should you need to restore your data later than 2 hours after receiving the token, please login to your account Dashboard and request another security token.

Step 4

After the token validation, BullGuard will ask you to confirm the restore task on your device. Choose Yes to restore your Contacts and Calendar entries or No to return to the Backup main screen.

Step 5

As soon as you clicked Yes, BullGuard will download the backed up data and copy it on your phone. Once the restore task is done, you will be returned to the Backup main screen. This may take a while depending on the connection conditions and amount of data to be restored. Please be patient and allow the task to finish.