BullGuard Mobile Security

Password update

Once the password has been changed successfully, you will need to update it within the BullGuard Mobile application installed on your device. For security reasons, we do not store the password itself locally. Before you can use the new one, you have to change the registration details in the application.

Only when you have updated the changed password will you be able to:


The password update process is simple and only requires you to log in to the application with your account details:

Step 1

Open the BullGuard Mobile Security application on your device.

Step 2

On the main screen, press your phone’s Menu button.

Step 3

Tap on the Renew option.

Step 4

Enter your account details and tap on Register. Note that you will need an active Internet connection to log in.

Licence Key: insert the licence key you used when you originally registered your Mobile Security account. You can find the licence key on the scratch card you received if you purchased your BullGuard Mobile Security account from a store or in the confirmation email for online purchases.

E-mail Account: enter the e-mail address you used when registering your Mobile Security account.

Password: enter the new password for your account.

Register: tap on this button to connect to our servers and authenticate your account.

Step 5

Please wait for the process to complete. You will be notified as soon as it is done.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated the Mobile Security account details on your smartphone.